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F19 is currently under development and will race in the 2019 season. Main aims are for the Vehicle dynamics team to tune and refine the suspension setup whilst the aerodynamics team are developing a brand new aerodynamics package. 


Adopting the power and drivetrain from LFRT18, F19 is powered by a reliable and powerful 2017 KTM 500 EXC engine which produces 42Nm of torque @7250 and approximately 70 BHP. Gear shifts are made via an electronic system, utilising paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel. The powertrain team are developing a new air intake and exhaust systems to improve performance and acoustics.


The new aerodynamics package includes front and rear wings, as well as an undertray and rear defuser. Each part has to be designed with all aspects of the bodywork in mind to optimise the downforce produced across the car. These additions also give the car a striking and aggressive look. 


Chassis construction will be completed by early 2019 with the full car build being completed by early spring. This will allow plenty of time for testing before taking the F19 to competition in the summer at Silverstone.


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